Environmental responsibility

Diter Oy’s goal for several years has been to provide more environmentally friendly services. We take environmental issues into account also when purchasing products and services for our own use. We develop our operations constantly to energy-saving direction. Environmentally friendly solutions are taken into account for example in furnishing, lightning and in maintenance. Company's premises are heated by air source heat pumps

All functions under the same roof

All functions of our company are under the same roof. This way our carbon footprint is as small as possible when it comes to internal company communication. Our company has a valid waste management agreement, and we strictly follow recycling regulations for both everyday waste and electronics. About half of our company’s staff ride to work by bike or electric bike when the weather allows it. The cars we use have include hybrid models, which are more environmentally friendly. Customer visits and training trips are done by public transportation whenever possible.

Co-operation with local companies

Our goal is to recycle the waste from our operations and minimize the amount of mixed waste. We get to deliver our electronic waste for free to a local company which is specialized in the sorting of electronic waste. According to our agreement the company gets to keep all the precious metal such as aluminium and tin that comes from our waste.

Diter and ditelle devices are Key flag products

The key flag states that the product is manufactured or the service is produced in Finland and our company employs in Finland. A product can get a Finnish key flag tag if has been manufactured in Finland and more than 50 % of its origin is from Finland. Overall, key flag products' Finnish origin average is more than 80 %. The degree of domesticity means the share of Finnish costs in the cost value of a product or service. The calculation takes into account all costs associated with the production of the product or service, such as raw materials, packaging materials and marketing

Key flag tag helps customers to make value based decisions.

Diter Oy carries the key flag with pride and wants to support domesticity and reduce its carbon footprint with local subcontracting companies and their services.

Recycling pays off

Diter Oy devices are designed to last long. Therefore, we can recommend to buy our devices used when it is possible. We also provide service to our used equipments because we want to make sure they work as they should and are safe to use. You can also get training from us on the safe use of your used equipment.

We use recycled or brown cardboard as packaging material

Our products are delivered mainly from door to door for decreasing pollution from transport. For our devices and equipment require proper packaging, we prefer the most environmentally friendly material possible, such as brown cardboard instead of colored cardboard.

Long-lasting marketing solutions

Our green thinking includes also our marketing. We think before we print and we have significantly reduced paper advertising. In the future, we will print our business and gift cards on recycled paper. We also encourage our customer groups for ethically sustainable choices.

Present and the future

Over the years, we have moved our business services to e.g. to the internet. We have now developed an e-commerce service around the sale of equipment and supplies, which has enabled us to reduce the environmental impact of unnecessary paper recycling through digitalisation. With our invoicing service, invoices sent electronically can be combined directly with online invoicing or sent to the customer via e-mail without separate paper invoices.